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Best Translation Quality
100% Human
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Language access is more than transactional. It is not the mere exchanging of words, much as one would exchange one currency for another. There is a science and an art to great translation of the written word. It’s no wonder that, according to research, companies that invest in translation are more likely to expand into new markets, develop greater customer loyalty, and increase their revenue.

Apsidata solution is a globally connected translation company with offices in Delhi (India), Boston (United States). Apsidata offers text translation, document translation, transcription, interpretation, subtitling, dubbing, voice-over, software localization, website localization, mobile app localization, eLearning translation, language recruitment, language corporate training, language evaluation, and other customized language-related services. Apsidata is one of the top translation companies in India providing language services in the industry with its pool of more than 2000 translators/transcribers/interpreters/voice artists across the globe.

Apsidata, a leading translation agency in India provides translation in more than 150 languages covering all the major Indian, Asian, European, Latin American, and African Languages.

Reliable Translation Services for All Your Business Needs

Our business translation services are ready to serve all your corporate needs. Our network of masterful translators span the globe and are strategically hired to provide unique translation services for any project. No deadline is impossible, and with 24/7 support, we're with you from start to finish. We can translate all types of business documents and find the right interpreter for business meetings, live events, and more.

Make Meaningful Cultural Connections

Translation is a science and an art: that's why here at Apsidata we ensure your first impression is backed by both, masterfully combining creativity and data-driven solutions to fit your needs. According to our research, companies that invest in translation are more likely to expand internationally, create deeper customer loyalty, and increase their revenue exponentially. Our marketing translation services can connect your company to the right language for the right audiences. Connect with us to find out more.

Cost-Effective and Online Translation Services

Apsidata offers the most cost-effective and online translation services at your fingertips. We believe in transparency in our services, and this includes fair prices. Our project management team is always online and always confirms the quoted cost of the translation price so that you know from the beginning what your cost will be. Get a free quote, no commitment, today.

Language Expert

We have professional, in-country translators in every part of the world. We provide language translation services from English into all European and Asian languages including French,Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic and Hebrew. We also translate from all languages into English. All work is reviewed carefully to ensure best quality.

Industry Experts

A translation should not only be written well, but should be written in the language your industry understands. When you order a translation from us, we assign the work to translators who are experienced in your industry. We have a proven track record in many fields including technical, medical translations, legal, financial and software.

File Expertise

We provide document translation services in all file formats. This includes simple files like MS Word or PowerPoint and high-end DTP software formats like InDesign and Framemaker. If you only have a non-editable PDF file, we’ll convert it into MS Word format and retain the page layout of the original. Get an online price quote and start your translation today!

The advantages of Apsidata Translation

Apsidata searches the world for the finest linguists to add to our team. The fruit of this search shows up in our 98.5 percent client satisfaction rate over thousands of projects handled each year.

We can easily translate any type of content to help grow your business, increase efficiency, and strengthen compliance.

Language Translation services provided by Apsidata in following areas

Website localization:  Website localization itself can achieve 80% of the world’s GDP producers .It is a process of creating, launching, and optimizing websites in multiple languages is both simple and cost effective.

Legal Translation:  Legal purposes documents are generally submitted in the official language and it uses content and terms within the legal system prevailing in the country where the source document originated. So we need a legal translation which is a translation of texts within the field of law.

Software localization:  Software localization is the process of software product adapting interface with the help of linguists and translators, which are the cultural and technical requirements of a target market.

Medical Translation:  In Medical translation we need a thorough reading of the original text, analysis, research, editing and proofreading, translation of technical, regulatory, marketing documentation, clinical, healthcare fields and medical device.

Financial Translation:  Financial Translation requires the utmost attention and expertise to ensure accuracy. It needs good financial translation agencies and linguist’s because finance is a highly competitive field in which precision and consistency are paramount.

Technical Translation:  Technical translation involves translation of documents, manuals, user guides produced by technical writers. It needs a thorough research on the specific techniques.

Market Research Translation:  Market Research translation includes translation of briefing notes, transcripts, questionnaires, discussion guides, stimulus materials and research reports.

Survey Hosting
  • Multi Platform Survey Programming
  • Custom Scripting
  • Reportal Scripting
  • Survey Hosting
  • Language Translations by natives
Data Collection
  • Global Consumer, Healthcare and B2B Panel
  • Panel supply in emerging regions e.g, South East Asia, Latin America, Middle East
  • Proprietary Sampling Tool Leasing
Data Processing
  • Data Delivery in all file formats
  • Data Validation
  • Cross-Tabs
  • OE Coding
  • Statistical Testing
Analysis & Reporting
  • Advanced Analysis (Cluster, Factor, Regression, Segmentation etc.)
  • Text and Sentiment
  • Report Template designing
  • Charting & Dashboarding
  • Insights Generation