CONVLU is a Conversational Survey Tool that enables businesses to deploy engaging surveys at all touch points in the form of Conversational BOTs. CONVLU brings together wisdom of conventional surveying techniques and cutting edge AI and NLP technology. The survey experience delivered by CONVLU is highly engaging and delightful which helps in mining genuine opinions. ZYZ is equally easy and delightful to use for a survey designer while still being so powerful.

Key Features

  • Architectured by professionals with decades of surveying and Market Research experience
  • An integration of wisdom of surveying techniques and cutting edge AI/ NLP technology
  • Engaging and probing conversation like surveys
  • Easy to create a survey and launch
  • Quota management to ensure right mix of respondents
  • In-built panel management module
  • Integration with popular messaging tools - FB messenger, Skype, Slack, Whatsapp
  • Standalone deployment using inbuilt chat application or web integration
  • Real-time NLU based Contextual Analysis of the responses
  • Text and Sentiment Analysis for effective probing and mining of opinion
  • Deep insights - identification of delight/ pain points