Innovative & Insightful

Simplifies Bid Preparation

Manouver through the complex and specific requirement of each tender with easex

Track Bid prep process

Keep track of important timelines and monitor progress of Bid Preparation stages

Smart Workflows & Alerts

Engage multiple departments and stakeholders through customised workflows

Intelligent Decision Making

Smart simulators and analytics engine provides deep insights for effecient decision making

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Robust , Modular & User Friendly

Dynamic UAM
  • Role and user based access and rights
  • Role based screens and dashboards unlimited roles and users
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Workflows & Notifications
  • Process centric workflow design
  • Email notification and alerts for tasks
  • Scheduled reports publishing
  • Teams, departments, regions work & collaborate seamlessly concurrently
  • Iterative approval processes
  • Version control of documents
Decisions & Insights
  • Simulators to build & evaluate scenarios
  • Intelligence for decision making and competitiveness
  • Smart reports to facilitate monitoring & timely actions
Document Repository
  • Heirarchical repository of documents
  • Upload & Link Tender specific documents
  • Version control of documents
  • Easy retrieval and Linking