Better information leads to better decisions

Processing data is a meticulous business function that requires gathering raw data from many sources and presenting it in a way that enhances analysis. In order to transform this data into meaningful information, data processing professionals use a range of techniques and tools. We have a very skilled group of people experts in SSP, Quantum, QPSMR, etc. In today's business world, data processing has become a requirement for every organization since it expedites strategic decision-making.

Whether you work with large volumes of raw data or with small amounts of data, you know that data conversion and data processing are vital parts of your business. With rising staff salaries, overheads, and infrastructural burdens, outsourcing your data processing needs to India might just be the solution that you are after.

It is the collection and translation of a data set into valuable, usable information. Through this process, a researcher, data engineer or data scientist takes raw data and converts it into a more readable format, such as a graph, report or chart, either manually or through an automated tool.

The team carefully reviews, prepares, and delivers the data with accuracy and precision in the way that best suits as per research needs, including Excel files or executive dashboards.


Data Processing Services

Data Cleaning

Detection and removal of data not meeting quality standards. The process of ensuring the accuracy and quality of data. It is implemented by building several checks into a system or report to ensure the logical consistency of input and stored data.

Data Tabulation

Tabulation is the systematic and logical representation of figures in rows and columns to ease comparison and statistical analysis. It eases comparison by bringing related information closer to each other and helps further in statistical research and interpretation.


We take data analytics to the next level by manually and automatically converting processed data into PowerPoint presentations and dashboards. For all types of quantitative and qualitative Market Research studies, we offer visual data solutions such as Charting.

Verbatim Coding

Verbatim coding is a market research technique that involves assigning numeric codes to various words, phrases, ideas, sounds, or pictures in order to allow for the extraction and quantitative analysis of information and meaning.