Sampling Tool


DST is a Sampling Tool which has been developed especially to fulfill market research requirement. The tool helps you to set up, collaborate and organize your projects in just a few clicks. As we strive to deliver a product that delights the client, it only makes sense that we must know what our clients are looking for and how our tool can help them.


  • Setup Survey: Easy setup process of unique link or simple link projects
  • Quick Monitoring: Monitor real time progress tracking feature to check IR, LOI, Completes achieved etc
  • Vendor Management: Align multiple vendors according to requirement on single or multiple projects
  • Survey Masking: Capability to mask the client link (if permitted by client) so that vendor does not know about who is the client
  • Security and Quality Measures: Fully loaded with IP address tracking, Geo Location, Web Browser and Time Stamp Capabilities

Key Features

  • Real Time Dashboard: Track your live statistics of project and plan your next move
  • Survey Types: Simple/ Unique/ CAWI/ CATI etc. all are supported with Decipium
  • Pre Screeners: Apply pre screener to target correct audience from your vendor as per project requirement
  • Invoicing: Once the project is completed, you can directly create and send invoices to your client and panel vendors