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Message from CEO

Over the last ten years the face of Market Research has undergone a significant change with the increase in internet penetration, which facilitated the ease and pace of engaging customers. Online Market research revolutionized the way a Market research study would get conducted and led to evolution of several Online MR companies. Developed markets & economies including ; North America, Western & Central Europe, rode this wave of technological revolution and have almost pioneered the art of doing Market research and are very swiftly heading towards being categorized as Matured markets from an MR industry perspective.

Invent of Online Community Panels and Social Networking has made technology a vital ingredient of Market research and this journey of evolution has become extremely exciting. While MR industry is witnessing these exciting
developments, the emerging regions including Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa are yet to catch up on this technology tide. These regions make a huge market and it will be impossible for any marketer or researcher to keep these regions deprived of the technological revolution in the field of Market Research happening globally.

We have a high level of understanding of these global developments and are very well positioned to serve the needs of Reserachers in developed economies, by providing high quality Offshoring services, and those of researchers in emerging regions by application of technological advancements in MR.
Our vision is to be in phase with the nuances in the field of Market research and serve the diverse needs of the Market Research companies. I am very confident of the capabilities of our team of highly experienced Online MR profession and In my opinion, this is the most excited phase of this industry and we are very happy and proud to be here now.