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Go-Live Resourcing

To meet the business expansion needs and to replenish the capacity drain happening as a fallout of attrition, Organizations resort to building a continuous pipeline of entry level talent pool . A significant amount of organization’s resources are deployed for hiring , training and deployment of these entry level resources to production. On an average, an organization takes about 3 months of time & efforts to transform these entry level resources from being cost centres to revenue generating employees. Also, some of the best organizational resources including Trainers, Training rooms, Computer Systems, Software licenses etc. are diverted for this activity from mainstream delivery processes. which otherwise could have been deployed in revenue generation activities.

Apsidata’s unique and first of its kind “Go-Live Resourcing” service offering aims at plugging these leakages by feeding trained entry level resources to its customers on demand. As a part of this service. we engage the entry level resources, impart them Industry and Platform specific projects based hands-on training and then place them into customer organizations. At the time of placement, these resources are thorough with industry practices, working methodologies and most importantly have the requisite level of skills to start contributing in revenue generation activities from the very start. This, of course, comes with significant cost savings for our customers and enables them to free up the training infrastructure and other resources for delivery activities.