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Business Incubation services

With the growth of business and continuous pressure on cost reduction , organizations embark upon setting up an Offshore / Near shore delivery centre Or expanding the existing Offshore delivery teams. It is critical, at the same time, for the Organizations to stay focused on delivering to the existing business and customers. Apsidata’s Business incubation services cater to this customer need by taking over complete responsibility of setting up and operating an offshore or nearshore delivery centre or create and manage a new service vertical for a predefined period of time, after which the centre / vertical is transferred to customer’s delivery organization o mutually agreed terms. This enables organizations to continue to direct efforts and resources to meet the existing clients’ needs and have near zero hassles of managing the initial Operational, Organizational and other business distracting issues.

This service offering is custom designed to meet the specific needs of each customers and a detailed proposal can be submitted after developing an in-depth understanding of the Customer needs.