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Traditional paper based assessment methods involve a very high but hidden element of investment of Money, Time & efforts. Below breakdown of a typical traditional assessment will help in validating this statement.

Pre Assessment

  • »  Assessment Design
  • »  Formating
  • »  Proofing
  • »  Printing & Packaging
  • »  Logistics and Distribution
  • »  Security

Assessment & Post Assessment

  • »  Distribution
  • »  Invigilation
  • »  Collection & Logistics
  • »  Checking and Scoring
  • »  Results Publishing
  • »  Analysis and Feedback

If you are an educational institution or a corporate , imparting trainings to employees or partners, our e-assessment service can help you eliminate such hidden investment and make the whole assessment process simple yet secure, engaging and fast. And there are whole lot of value added services that come along with no additional cost :

»  Random & Individualized assessment for each assessee, eliminating need of strong invigilation
»  Have a variety of question types (including multimedia & animation) instead of only multiple choice questions
»  Use of multimedia makes the assessment more engaging and learning oriented
»  Publish results within minutes after completion of assessment
»  Exhaustive analysis of results to enable faculty get a feedback and update the content
»  Make your assessments agile and everlasting with easy archive / recall on the click of mouse.

Inclusive Management is a norm at Apsidata. Our Vision, Business Plans , Operating plans etc. are all an outcome of the inputs collated at all levels across the organization and are reflective of combined diverse wisdom . We respect and welcome diversity of all types ; Gender, Age, Culture, Thoughts etc and an inclusive management approach acts as a catalyst to make it happen on the ground. Diversity is at the core of our business excellence programs which necessitates business leaders to bring diversity in every aspect of business. Some of the areas where we commonly leverage diversity are :

»  Team structures & Project groups
»  Employee Engagement programs
»  Creating a Vision for the organization & laying a Strategic roadmap
»  Learning and development programs
»  Employee Recruitment