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Coding and Text Analytics

Open end coding or Verbatim Coding is a planned and systematic process that transfers raw data to intelligent data and requires the application of an integrated process. Data Collected may be available and stored in various database formats: Excel, Access, ASCII, .dat etc. Information stored is meaningless in its raw form unless it facilitates retrieval and provides insights. In order to do so, the data needs to be coded based on specific conventions or codes in order to derive meaningful interpretations. The first step is to review the responses and create a code frame. The code frame (with the nets or buckets) needs to be reviewed to confirm the code frame which forms the basis of the open end coding process or exercise. For ex; specific codes are assigned to specific questions to transform comments or choices into numbers which facilitates tabulation. Every result is assigned a numeric value that enables the results to be summed, tabulated and charted enabling plotting results visually and ease of deriving insights.

Our Process:
  » We receive the data file from you with the open end or verbatim responses.
  » We build the code frame and send it to you for approval.
  » Once we have your sign off on the code frames, we start coding the responses.
  » Quality checks are run on all files by our teams internally and post that the data gets delivered in the requested format.
  » Versioning (easy reuse of survey questions across business units but customized formatting per business unit)
  » Rolling back of incomplete surveys

We have the capability to do the open ended coding in multiple languages in–house to increase the efficiency effectiveness of the project.